What is INSTANT?

The ‘INSTANT’ platform (INtelligent platform for providing STaffing  ANd Training in the Hotel Industry), is a large-scale, project contract between Prountzos & Prountzos LLC and the Research and Innovation Foundation and concerns the tourism industry of Cyprus. The consortium consists of ten partners in total, including , amongst others, governmental, public and private entities, each one’s contribution varying in accordance to their field of expertise. The funding received for the completion of the project will be over the amount of €800,000 whilst its implementation is expected to be completed in July 2023. 

The proposal was submitted during the course of the RESRTART 2016-2020 programme. It is about a smart-solution, innovative and interdisciplinary in nature platform, solely designed to tackle the hotel-staffing problem by simply enabling a mechanism that makes job-finding easier and more effective. Given this, the utter goal is the strengthening of the economic competitiveness of Cyprus through the enhancement of research, technology development and innovation, launching for the first time ever, an all-encompassing model which marks a turning point in the tourism services and industry. 

From a practical aspect, INSTANT addresses a wide range of audiences ranging from current hotel staff to people actively seeking potential job opportunities in the industry in question, as well as hoteliers. Employment, vocational training and integration and mobility are the main pillars that the project focuses upon, all contributing towards the establishment of a structured link bridging the existing gap between recruitment needs and staff training requirements.

Instant Objectives and Goals


Hotel recruitment and job-search in the tourism industry are now easier, accessible and less time-consuming by bridging the gap between the recruitment needs and the training requirements, whilst also being cost-effective by minimising the costs associated to recruitment, training and integration of staff. 


Vocational Training/Learning Space Platform

Specialised on site and remote trainings for the hotel industry tailored to the needs of the recruiter and key skill set of the trainees. These aim to professionally develop trainees, enable them to reach their full potential and live up to the standards of each vacancy.


Integration and Mobility

Ιntegration and mobility refer to the needs of the hotel staff during the practical phases of training and recruitment. These focus on numerous issues including accommodation, integration into the country, legal protection, healthcare and ancillary services. The user will have access to information and guidelines on employment/lease contracts and the current Cypriot immigration requirements.

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The INSTANT platform is expected to be an innovative platform that will seek to bridge the gap between supply and demand in the hospitality industry and upgrade the quali

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INSTANT PROJECT - Mapping the legal framework governing online platforms

The INSTANT platform is expected to be an innovative platform that will seek to bridge the gap between supply and demand in the hospitality industry and upgrade the quali

Approval and launch of the project

Approval and launch of the INSTANT (Intelligent platform for providing staffing and training in the hotel industry/ Smart Staffing and Training Platform in the Hotel Industry), which was submitted in the framework of the RESTART 2016-2020 programs of the Research and Innovation Foundation (“the Foundation”) for Research, Technological Development and Innovation. The INTERGRATED/0918/0006 Project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Foundation.

Research and Study

The Research Institute of the University of Nicosia, the People Advisory Services (PAS) of Ernst & Young Cyprus and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki will commence a study and research with the purpose of identifying the needs, shortages and problems faced by both hoteliers and employees in the hotel industry, but also other interested parties looking for a job in this industry. Among other things, information on staffing and training issues, job profiles, remuneration and benefits package depending on the position, demand and future needs that may arise will be examined and received.

Initial Design & Development

Tabs and Spaces in collaboration with the Open University of Cyprus, Ergodotisi and while receiving information extracted from the research conducted for the analysis of the hotel industry, will proceed with the preparation of an initial design and development of the INSTANT platform, defining among others the tools and services that would be provided to the user, the technical standards and technical requirements for use, implementation and operation of the INSTANT platform. At the same time, the Open University of Cyprus will develop the Learning Space of the platform, in which user and/or service training, personal interviews, communication, etc. will be conducted.

Definition of Legal Framework

Along with the research, the preparation of various support services for the project and especially for the platform by the Contractor and Ernst & Young Cyprus will take place. The legal framework in which the platform will operate will be defined, the legal issues will be identified so that the operation of the platform and its content comply with legal and / or other requirements, such as the protection of personal data, the protection of copyright property, users’ protection, data processing and cybersecurity in general.

First Dissemination Workshop

In the context of promoting and disseminating the Project, Digital Tree in collaboration with all partners will organise a WorkShop, in which all the interested parties, as well as the participants in the research, the interviews and the working groups that have been created for study and research purposes, will be invited. The purpose of the WorkShop, apart from the presentation of the Project and its development up to that period, is the exchange of views regarding the final design of the platform, based on the existing problems faced by hoteliers in hiring and training of staff, in relation to their requirements. Also, it is expected to explain and analyse the Learning Space and its content and how it will be adjusted according to the job and user profiles.

Interim Progress Report

The first half of the Project is completed, which after the submission of a relevant progress report by the Contractor, will be evaluated by the Foundation and independent experts. The interim progress report will include all the deliverables according to the project schedule, which among others, include the preparation of a Report on the research findings, the financial impact study, the housing market study, the forms and documents that users must submit and/or complete, the methodology for processing the platform’s data and the personal data of its users, the final designs and the content of the learning space, as well as the final specifications and design of the system.

Learning Space Pilot

By July 2022, the Learning Space is expected to be piloted, which will be accompanied by a relevant manual (playbook), the terms and conditions of use of the platform will be prepared and a first trial version of the platform (Alpha version) will be developed, to perform various tests and to correct any errors or malfunctions that occur, but also to ensure the durability of the system. The system will also be integrated with the Learning space. Finally, a detailed business plan will be developed regarding the operation, promotion and operation of the platform.

Second Dissemination Workshop

The Project will be promoted throughout this period via articles, infographic videos, press releases and through other ways of dissemination that will be deemed necessary, such as short videos and interviews. Additionally, a dissemination WorkShop will be organised with the aim to inform and promote the Project in Greece. At the same time, tests will be carried out continuously on the system so that it can be tested by a group of users, during the use of which any errors will be detected and corrected and/or all the necessary upgrades and/or modifications will be carried out.

Operational Running of the Platform

Until April 2023, a relevant dissemination WorkShop will also be organized with the aim of informing and promoting the Project in Slovakia. The content of the platform will be translated so that it is available in Greek, English and Russian, while at the same time a manual for the operation and use of the platform will be prepared. It is also expected that a first version (version1) of the platform will be released in February 2023 and in April 2023 the platform (operational version) will operate normally. For an initial period, free access will be given to users to test the platform, while staff will be provided by collaborating bodies of the Project for customer support, but also for technical support of the platform.

Submission of Final Report

Submission of the final report and completion of the Project. The INSTANT platform will be available to everyone and we are confident that, among other things, it will greatly improve the recruitment processes in the hotel industry, will offer solutions to obstacles that prevent the most efficient management of hotel units in Cyprus, will facilitate those interested in finding work, housing, relocation in Cyprus, will improve the quality of services offered and will drastically reduce the cost of recruitment, training and integration of staff.